Why is ADA Compliance Still Important in 2018?

Posted by Donna Bepler on Dec 11, 2017

Back in June, we posted our recommendation for ensuring your site was ADA compliant to allow users with disabilities to access the information on your site.  This article does a good job of discussing the importance of getting compliant and the risks to non-compliance for 2018.  

Jamie's article back in 2015 still does a terrific job highlighting the common barriers to web accessibility.   

(a) incompatibility with speech recognition or screen reading software, (b) lack of text-based alternatives to media content, (c) poor color contrast or small text size, and (d) transaction timing requirements that do not take into account intellectual disabilities. What does it mean to have an accessible website?  At the most basic level, an accessible website would have these (and other) accessible elements:

  • Provides text alternatives for any non-text content;
  • Provides alternatives for time-based media;
  • Includes content that can be presented in different ways without losing information or structure;
  • Is easy to see and hear, including separating foreground from background;
  • Permits all functionality from a keyboard if needed (as opposed to a cursor);
  • Permits sufficient time to read and use content;

For more details read the full article


Topics: Web Development, UX/UI Design